Purple your color?  Is this purple enough???


Check out some gorgeous new pen designs!

"Old Glory" done in 65 pieces of laser cut inlay on a bolt action frame.

Steven Margison, Owner & Master Craftsman

Our "Graduate" style fountain pen.  This has a magnetic cap for ease in opening and posting.

"Rod Of Asclepius" laser cut inlay pen.  This is the genuine medical insignia with 1 snake instead of two.

Copyright 2015-2016.Steven Margison, Downers Grove, IL.. All rights reserved.

Welcome to WP&T!  Based in Downers Grove, IL, in the western Chicago suburbs, we specialize in Wooden Pens, but also dabble in other gift items.

Laser cut M1911 pistol inlay.  This is a stunning piece!

Celtic style pen made with 6000 year old Irish Bog Oak!

A new "Filligree" style pen, shown here in Sandringham Estate (U.K.) English Yew.


Real Printed Circuit Board Encased in plastic barrel.  Available in Blue, Red, Black, White

Fine Handmade Wooden Products

We are looking for booth space at high end craft or collectible shows.  If you manage such an event within 200 miles of the Chicago suburbs, please contact us.
We are also looking for retail stores to carry our products.  If you have a store that carries craft or specialty items -- anywhere in the U.S. -- please email us!